Cloud visualization tutorials

See specific use cases for how Lucidscale diagrams help teams efficiently manage, visualize, optimize, and audit cloud architecture.

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Verify Img

Verify new architecture

Does your current cloud architecture match your design plan? Generate a diagram to check.

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Audit Img

Prepare for a cloud audit

Audits are stressful—build custom documentation to support your compliance efforts.

Accurate Documentation

Maintain up-to-date documentation

Keeping documents updated can be a significant effort, but automation makes it quick and easy.

Outage Img

Determine the cause of a cloud outage

Downtime is expensive and frustrating. Accurate documentation makes troubleshooting faster so you can get up and running.

Consulting Img

Lucidscale for cloud consulting

Visual cloud diagrams show consultants exactly what they need to know about their client’s cloud architecture.

How to understand an unfamiliar cloud architecture

Navigating a new cloud environment can be tedious and confusing. Visuals help teams get oriented and aligned fast.

How to design new cloud architecture

Use your current state to jumpstart ideas for future innovations and see how concepts can improve and impact your cloud infrastructure.

How to minimize costs with Lucidscale

Complex environments can carry hidden costs; quickly track down orphaned elements and keep your cloud costs in check.

Visualize and understand your cloud

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