Security and compliance

Minimize security risks and prepare for compliance audits by maintaining accurate documentation of your cloud environment. Instead of working from scratch, automatically generate diagrams pulled from cloud provider metadata to identify vulnerabilities.

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Instant cloud documentation

Automatically generate diagrams of your cloud environment pulled from cloud provider metadata within seconds, so your documentation is always up to date and ready for any compliance audits such as GDPR, SOC 2, PCI, and more.

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Visually evaluate security risks and vulnerabilities

With the cloud changing rapidly, and with employees joining and leaving your organization, it can be difficult to keep track of disparate components in your cloud infrastructure. Visualize your infrastructure to understand if any elements are orphaned or unidentified, helping you avoid unnecessary risk or cost.

Interface panel showing filters that can be activated or disabled

Focus on the most important information

There are a lot of components involved in a cloud infrastructure diagram, which makes it difficult to find specific resources. Use features like filtering, saved views, and the data panel to focus on the information that’s most important to security and compliance such as instance name, security groups, IP address, and more.

Downtime and incident response

Downtime is really expensive for your organization. Having up-to-date documentation helps your teams align and start resolving issues quicker.

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Internal documentation and visibility

Keeping everyone informed and up to date on your cloud environment is essential to using your resources efficiently, and it starts with real-time documentation.


Getting up to speed on a client’s cloud environment is time consuming and complex. Automatically generated diagrams make it easier.

Planning future development

Understand your current architecture to plan future development that performs well and fits in your budget.

Visualize and understand your cloud

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