Getting up to speed on a client’s cloud environment is time consuming and complex. Automatically generated diagrams make it easier to gain visibility into a client’s existing architecture and make informed recommendations about how your client should proceed.

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Auto-generating Cloud Diagrams

Gain visibility into existing cloud environments

Don’t rely on out-of-date documentation from clients—automatically generate accurate diagrams of your clients’ current infrastructure. Organize data, bring disparate pieces of work into one place, and put everything into context so you can quickly understand current states.

Understand client cloud data

Understand and leverage clients’ data

Take the guesswork out of understanding your clients’ cloud architecture. Overlay client metadata onto a diagram brought in from AWS, GCP, or Azure to quickly uncover key insights and deliver top-quality recommendations.

Tailored cloud views of client data

Tailor your diagram views for clients

Visualize a customer’s cloud in custom views, such as an overview of accounts, regions, and VPCs, specific resource groups and subnets, or GKE clusters. Even use filters to focus on specific parts of the infrastructure rather than sending clients messy, complex diagrams.

New cloud design solution

Design new and optimized solutions

Get started quickly with a current state diagram to put all the pieces into context so you can quickly uncover issues, identify opportunities, and begin to bridge gaps. Then use Lucidchart to create diagrams of your plans to present to clients.

Communicate and collaborate with cloud clients

Communicate seamlessly with clients

Document all of your work in one central location to create valuable records you can share with clients. Keep customers in the loop using filters to focus on specific parts of the architecture and request feedback with Lucidscale’s intuitive collaboration features.

More ways to use Lucidscale

Cloud security compliance solution

Security and compliance

Maintain accurate documentation of your cloud environment for security and compliance audits by automatically generating diagrams pulled from cloud provider metadata.

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Downtime and incident response

Downtime and incident response

Downtime is really expensive for your organization. Having up-to-date documentation helps your teams align and start resolving issues quicker.

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Internal cloud documentation and visibility

Internal documentation and visibility

Keeping everyone informed and up to date on your cloud environment is essential to using your resources efficiently, and it starts with real-time documentation.

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Planning future cloud development

Planning future development

Understand your current architecture to plan future development that performs well and fits in your budget.

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Visualize and understand your cloud

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