Downtime and incident response

When downtime happens, up-to-date documentation helps get teams aligned and significantly impacts how fast you get your infrastructure back up and running.

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Immediate team alignment

Immediate team alignment

To resolve an incident while minimizing downtime for users, teams responding to the incident must be aligned. By having up-to-date cloud diagrams ready to go, you can get your team on the same page immediately. It only takes the click of a button to share your diagrams and get alignment.

Troubleshoot cloud issues quickly

Troubleshoot issues quickly

Finding and troubleshooting issues becomes quicker and easier with accurate diagrams to share and reference. Teams can easily view the architecture, including the data associated with different resources, to dive into necessary details.

Compare architecture design to current state diagram

Compare architecture design to current state diagram

Whether your architecture design plans are documented or they live in your head, compare those plans to your current state architecture diagram to help your team understand what led to downtime or failures. Remove the guesswork by using Lucidscale to generate an accurate current state diagram.

Inform future cloud development

Inform future development

Use up-to-date diagrams as your starting point for new architecture designs to ensure that new development will work with existing infrastructure and to prevent performance issues from occurring later. Additionally, you can use issues found in your current infrastructure to inform future state changes and iterations.

Security and compliance

Maintain accurate documentation of your cloud environment for security and compliance audits by automatically generating diagrams pulled from cloud provider metadata.

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Internal documentation and visibility

Keeping everyone informed and up to date on your cloud environment is essential to using your resources efficiently, and it starts with real-time documentation.


Getting up to speed on a client’s cloud environment is time consuming and complex. Automatically generated diagrams make it easier.

Planning future development

Understand your current architecture to plan future development that performs well and fits in your budget.

Visualize and understand your cloud

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