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Lucidscale helps organizations see and understand their cloud environment so teams can effectively design, build, deploy, and troubleshoot as their businesses grow.

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Visualize and plan with our Azure architecture diagram software

  • Keep track of the moving parts in your cloud environment

    Keep track of the moving parts in your cloud environment

    With a constantly evolving Azure infrastructure, an accurate visualization is crucial to gaining insights into its many components. Our Azure architecture diagram software automatically generates dynamic cloud diagrams to save you hours of manual diagramming. By using a visual representation, you can document the various components of your cloud computing architecture to visualize its current state, troubleshoot issues within the cloud, and make plans for future developments.

  • Visualize and gain insights from your Azure cloud architecture

    Visualize and gain insights from your Azure cloud architecture

    Our Azure architecture diagram software lets you visualize each relevant shape and connection within an easy-to-read diagram. Use your diagram to maintain up-to-date cloud documentation, verify that architecture has been set up correctly, and ensure that your entire team is up to date on the latest version of your cloud architecture. A clearly defined visual of your cloud environment not only keeps your team current on cloud changes, but it can also save your organization time, money, and unnecessary risk as you implement quality infrastructure.

  • Communicate with teams and stakeholders from anywhere

    Communicate with teams and stakeholders from anywhere

    Lucidscale allows you to set up a central repository of documentation to improve training and onboarding, visualize your entire infrastructure, and customize communication with stakeholders based on cloud data. Share your cloud documentation internally and externally using tailored cloud views that communicate the right amount of information to the right audiences. Regardless of where your team is located, you can invite other Lucidscale users at your organization to share feedback, make edits, and review your Azure architecture.

  • Stay on top of your Azure infrastructure, present and future

    Stay on top of your Azure infrastructure, present and future

    Staying on top of Azure cloud architecture documentation is fundamental to ensure a quality, efficient cloud environment. Use our Azure architecture diagram tool to automatically generate a visual representation of your Azure infrastructure from your current cloud data. Then you can easily see which areas of your cloud environment need optimizing and make plans regarding your organization’s future. Export your diagram to Lucidchart to collaborate, make changes, and work together on future versions of your infrastructure.

Benefits of Lucidscale when visualizing your Azure architecture

  1. Understand your infrastructure today while planning for tomorrow

    With a clear, dynamic Azure architecture diagram, you and your team can gain insights into the current state of your infrastructure and map out its future as you expand.

  2. Create an accurate, consistent experience

    Communicate even the most complicated infrastructures accurately and consistently across your organization with customizable data-backed Azure network diagrams.

  3. Collaborate anywhere, with anyone

    Our cloud-based Azure network diagram tool allows you to collaborate across browsers, operating systems, and devices—no matter where your team is located.

  4. Generate entire diagrams in minutes

    Save your team hours of manual diagramming by using your existing Azure architecture data to generate complete visualizations of your cloud infrastructure.

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Frequently asked questions about our Azure network diagram tool

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