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Lucidscale helps organizations see and understand their cloud environment so teams can effectively design, build, deploy, and troubleshoot as their businesses grow.

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The ideal AWS architecture diagram software

  • Visualize and understand your AWS cloud architecture

    Visualize and understand your AWS cloud architecture

    With hundreds of components making up your cloud architecture, it can be daunting to extract key insights from an ever-evolving cloud environment. Lucidscale is an AWS cloud visualization solution that automatically generates accurate, dynamic cloud diagrams to help you see and optimize your cloud environment. Use our AWS architecture diagram software to build a clear picture of your AWS environment, explain your environment to other employees, eliminate unnecessary risks, avoid unnecessary cost to your organization, and identify areas for optimization.

  • Generate accurate and dynamic AWS cloud diagrams in minutes

    Generate accurate and dynamic AWS cloud diagrams in minutes

    Cloud diagrams can require hours of manual diagramming and updating. Save your team hours of work by automatically generating your cloud diagrams quickly and safely using your own data. Our AWS diagram tool ensures consistency and accuracy across your org’s cloud diagrams. Quickly cross-check your infrastructure setup for compliance, onboard new team members, and troubleshoot problems within your architecture knowing that you’re working off accurate, up-to-date information.

  • Verify that your cloud migration and implementation is accurate

    Verify that your cloud migration and implementation is accurate

    The many moving parts involved in a cloud migration can make for tedious work with plenty of room for mistakes and overlooked items. Automated diagrams make it faster and easier to verify that cloud migrations and implementations are carried out correctly. With Lucidscale, you can generate cloud visuals and update them in an instant to confirm your AWS diagrams match your intended changes, eliminating unnecessary costs and downtime. Easily validate key details like instance sizes, regions, and other resources so you can ensure your team implements quality architecture.

  • Collaborate with teams and stakeholders from anywhere

    Collaborate with teams and stakeholders from anywhere

    Lucidscale was built to facilitate easier collaboration as you and your team build and review your AWS cloud architecture. Invite team members and stakeholders to view your infrastructure and share feedback—from any location, at any time. If you’re working with colleagues who don’t have Lucidscale, you can export your cloud diagram to Lucidchart to continue collaborating. Use your Lucidscale diagram as a central repository of documentation to improve training and onboarding, visualize your infrastructure, and communicate various levels of detail with leadership and technical audiences.

5 benefits of Lucidscale when understanding and optimizing your AWS architecture

  1. Visualize and plan with ease

    Give yourself, your team, and your organization visibility into your current AWS infrastructure while planning a vision for your architecture’s future.

  2. Create consistency across your organization

    Lucidscale uses your own data to generate AWS architecture diagrams, so you can make sure that you and your team are working with accurate and consistent visuals.

  3. Work flexibly with cloud-based collaboration

    Our AWS architecture diagram tool is cloud-based, giving your team the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime, from any device or browser.

  4. Create vital cloud documentation while saving time

    Our automatically generated diagrams provide your organization with an accurate AWS infrastructure diagram without the hours of manual work.

  5. Communicate the right information to the right audiences

    Use filters to declutter your diagram and focus on specific elements within your diagram, so you can communicate the right amount of information with various audiences.

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